Acidity & Reflux- Life Style Modification And Medicines. How Long Will They Help

    October 15, 2016

    Acid Reflux
    Acid Reflux

    Acid Reflux

    In our daily life, we may feel the heartburn quite often and we have the tendency to overlook the same but if ignored for a longer time the acid reflux may lead to Barrett’s oesophagus which is a gastroesophageal reflux disease and a serious complication of GERD and may also cause cancer in the oesophagus.

    The common acid reflux disease, the experienced surgeon of LAP SURGERY can be of great help. The process of laparoscopic fundoplication surgery can get rid of the troublesome acid reflux with heartburn and there will be no or reduced need of drugs for the same.

    Lifestyle Modification And Medicines To Control Acidity & Reflux

    There are various changes that we can do in our daily lifestyle to get rid of acidity and reflux and they are also important to avoid the same. Few of the common causes of acid reflux which can be controlled are: –

    • Obesity or overweight.
    • Smoking
    • High blood pressure
    • Having large meals or snacks during bed time
    • Unhealthy food intake like junk foods
    • Intake of certain medicines for muscle relaxations like aspirin, ibuprofen or medicines for blood pressure.
    • Drinking alcohol, carbonated drinks, tea or coffee
    • During pregnancy, the mother may face acidity reflux, but it is for the time being.

    So modifying the habits may help to avoid acidity reflux and medicines may control the same but it will not help to cure it. Get special deals from the edocbd.

    Another Process To Control Acidity Reflux

    Medication like PPI’s is definitely a solution for acid reflux but it requires long term medication or sometimes it is required to be taken forever. It can control it but can’t cure the reason. Fundoplication surgery is one of the ways to get rid of acid reflux in a definitive manner. The valve between the oesophagus and stomach which is also known as lower esophageal sphincter gets strengthen and the acid which used to get back up to the oesophagus causing acid reflux is stopped.

    About Fundoplication Surgery

    It is done by two ways open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. A large incision is required in open surgery and it will take around one to one and half month to get back to the normal routine.

    The exact workup of acid reflux disease is done by a new procedure called Ph metry. It involves placing a small probe in the food pipe and measure the acid content (ph) over 24 hours in sleeping position or even after food. It gives very accurate information that whethee the symptoms are because of acid and reflux or other reasons. It definitely helps to correlate the response of the patient after the surgery.

    So if you are facing the heartburn and acidity & reflux for a longer period and changes in your lifestyle and prolonged medicines also failed to give you permanent solutions, so it’s time to visit Lap Surgery in Dubai and consult with our expert surgeons about the same as from common issue, all are done by our trained gastrointestinal surgeons.

    The surgery of “laparoscopic hiatal hernia repair and floppy Nissens Fundoplication” is relatively safe. The procedure take roughly 1-2 hours time and the hospital stay is about 1-2 days only.

    Patient recover well and remain free of the symptoms of reflux under guidance for a longer period of time.

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