Anorectal diseases are those ailments that affect the anus and rectum. These are the last parts of the colon from where we pass stools. The region is highly susceptible to common disease like piles (haemorrhoids), fissures, fistula and anal abscess. Each of these conditions can be quite painful and if are not attended to can cause significant discomfort. The common symptoms of anorectal diseases are:

    • Pain in the anal area
    • Difficulty and pain while passing stools
    • Blood in the stools
    • Pus discharge from the anus
    • Feeling of urgency to pass stools
    • Irritation of skin and itching in the perianal area

    It is common for patients to confuse the symptoms of anorectal disorders with those of other gastrointestinal diseases. Most people attribute all such symptoms to piles problem and often ignore them. This can occasionally prove to be dangerous since most of these symptoms can occur in patients who have rectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease also. Therefore an exact diagnosis is important.

    “If you have any of the above symptoms suggestive of a anorectal disease, you should definitely consider visiting our Piles Surgery Expert in Dubai to get an exact diagnosis for your condition and then decide on the most suitable course of treatment.”

    Our expert Haemorroids and Piles treatment experts in Dubai is quite experienced in accurately diagnosing anorectal disorders, and their treatment. We use the latest techniques like stapled haemorrhoidopexy, laser haemorrhoidectomy and laser fistula repair to provide our patients with a quick, efficient and pain free cure to their problem.

    “A healthy lifestyle, good anal hygiene with good eating habits including high fibre diet and increased water intake to prevent constipation, helps you avoid anorectal problems and help maintain good digestive health.”


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