Mini Gastric Bypass

    Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Also known as simpler for of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass operation, it is a form of mini bypass bariatric surgery in which surgeons excise the stomach to create a small pouch, reducing food intake, and bypassing duodenum (first part of small intestine) and some part of jejunum (middle part) of the small intestine to fasten the release of digestive enzymes that reduces hunger.

    Small incisions are made in lower abdomen and with help of precision instruments, a three step procedure is followed: –
    Stomach is divided into two parts, a proximal pouch (small) and larger remnant pouch
    Bypassing first and middle part of small intestine, creating short Intestinal Roux Limb
    Attaching the proximal stomach pouch to Intestinal Roux Limb

    In this surgery, firstly the quantity of food intake is very small. Then, as the distance between the stomach and colon is reduced, the food does not mix with digestive enzymes till it reaches lower part of the intestine. It results in a substantial reduction in the absorption of calories and nutrients like fat, proteins and fat soluble vitamins.

    Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery is also an effective surgery for treatment of diabetes as it affects digestive hormones favorably to improve blood sugar control.

    Highest weight loss as compared to all other bariatric surgery options.
    Most effective option for treatment of diabetes
    Reduces Appetite and Enhances feeling of Satiety.
    Possible for patients to have near normal sized meals.
    Reduces absorption of fat in the body, thus expediting weight loss

    mini gas

    Possibly has a high risk of causing protein, minerals and vitamins deficiency in the long run.
    Higher risk for complications post-surgery.
    Strictly need to intake vitamin and dietary supplements to avoid any type of nutrient deficiency.

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