Weight Loss Surgery

    Weight Loss / Bariatric Surgery Dubai?

    Obesity is a condition in which body fat is accumulated to the extent that it starts to have adverse effect on the health. Obesity is largely a lifestyle related condition which happens when one intakes more calories than one consumes over a long period of time. Some of the major contributing factors for Obesity are:
    • Genetic Structure
    • Consumption of High Fat foods
    • Leading a Sedentary Lifestyle
    • Lack of Sleep
    • Medicine Induced Obesity
    • Foods Interfering with Metabolism
    • Pregnancy
    • Lack of Physical Activity

    Usually any or a combination of these factors, leads to obesity in a person. Medically, any person with BMI Index over 30 is termed as obese. Although, obesity in itself is a serious disease, it also significantly increases risk of many life threatening ailments like Cancer, Heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Erectile dysfunction and Respiratory disorders. Obesity also severely affects your day to day living and diminishes your quality of life. It reduces one’s self confidence; you try and avoid public places and obese persons are generally pointed out by others and are made fun of. All this can cause many other lifestyle issues like: –

    • Dejection
    • Lower work achievement
    • Handicap
    • Sexual problems
    • Lower Self Esteem
    • Social Isolation and Irritation

    Obesity is a lasting condition that is hard to cure by exercise and diet alone. But now with advent of minimally invasive Bariatric Surgery in Dubai, it has become possible for you to get rid of obesity. If you are looking for Weight loss Surgery Dubai, then experts at our Weight loss clinic in Dubai will guide you in selecting the most suitable surgery type to achieve your goal of Weight loss in Dubai.



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      Revision Bariatric Surgery Dubai

      After a patient undergoes Bariatric Surgery, it may happen that the weight loss is not according to the expectations or the patient has regained weight after a few years. Here comes Revision Bariatric Surgery which gives another chance to such patients to lose weight. However, this surgery is undertaken only after ascertaining the below mentioned details:

      • When was the surgery performed
      • Where was the surgery performed
      • Postoperative instructions
      • Reasons for weight regain
      • Complications in the surgery

      It is very important to know as to which bariatric surgery was initially performed because a few bariatric surgeries limit revisional surgeries. It is also essential to determine the operative report for the operation performed. If this is not available, then time and place of the surgery are enough to determine that. Postoperative instructions play a major role in losing weight post the operation. If a patient is not given proper guidelines, then he/she may face complications and might not reduce as much weight as expected. While performing Revision Bariatric Surgery, it is important to ascertain as to why the patient had regained weight after the initial operation. If it was a technical glitch while performing the operation, the revision Bariatric Surgery should be able to fix it. Complications faced during or after the initial surgery may fix the reason as to why there was no or minimal weight loss. Some complications like ulcers, profuse vomiting and infections may cause the technical glitch, hence failing the patient. At our Weight Loss Clinic in Dubai, we find out as to what is going to help our patients in losing weight successfully and only then perform. We stress on the patient’s medical history and only then revisional surgeries are performed.

      Post Bariatric Surgery in Dubai – Weight Regain

      After the patients undergo a weight loss surgery in Dubai, it is necessary to follow strict diet control and pursue an active lifestyle, including walking, regular exercise, etc. to ensure that the weight lost is not regained. Healthy eating habits and postoperative instructions should be followed to make sure that no complications occur. These complications include nausea, profuse vomiting, headaches and giddiness. A regular follow-up with the doctor is also required. If proper care is not taken, it is possible that the patient puts on the weight again, negating the effects of the surgery initially performed. Bariatric Surgery is a lifestyle change inducing surgery and requires a strong will-power and determination to have the desired results.

      However, a 10% weight regain is not worrisome.