Gastric Balloon

    Gastric Balloon Dubai

    Intra Gastric Balloon also known as Gastric Balloon is a straightforward, non invasive weight loss treatment in which a soft balloon, made of pliable silicone material, is inserted through the mouth, with help of an endoscopic camera, and through esophagus into the stomach. Once placed inside the stomach, the balloon is filled with a sterile saline solution with help of a small catheter. Once filled, the tube is removed carefully and leaving the balloon inside. The whole procedure takes around 20-25 minutes and thereafter the patients can return home same day itself.

    This treatment works on the concept of filling the stomach with the balloon, so that it can intake less food, thereby reducing consumption of calories. Gastric Balloon Dubai is the least invasive form of bariatric treatment and no body parts are modified or altered in any way whatsoever. This is a short term solution wherein the gastric balloon Dubai will stay inside the body for a maximum of 6 months. The main aim of this treatment is to alter eating habits and lifestyle of the patient in a healthy way. Thereafter, it needs to be removed from the body and replaced with a new one (only if required) otherwise some complications could occur. It is also used as a precursor to other forms of bariatric treatments like Gastric Bypass or Gastric Banding, so that patient can lose enough weight to be able to undergo more invasive procedures.

    Least Invasive, Least Time Consuming form of bariatric treatment.
    Patients can lose up to 40% of Excess Body Weight within 6 months if proper diet and health guidelines are adhered to.
    Gastric Balloon is adjustable, has a good life and can be removed if required.
    Costs significantly lower than other forms of treatments.

    As an alien object in the form of balloon is present inside the body, it can cause nausea and vomiting for initial few days.
    Weight Loss is directly proportional to exercise and diet control.
    Regular follow up visits required for proper monitoring.


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