Gastric By Pass Surgery

    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Also known as the Gold standard of weight loss surgery, it is the most popular form of bariatric surgery. In it the surgeons at our weight loss clinic in Dubai divide the stomach in two parts a smaller upper part and larger lower part. Afterwards the beginning portion of the small intestine is divided, into top and bottom part. Then, the bottom part is brought up and connected to the newly formed smaller upper part of the stomach. The process is finished by connecting the top part of the divided small intestine to the small intestine further down, where the gastrointestinal acids and digestive enzymes from the bypassed stomach and top of small intestine will eventually mix with the food.
    The gastric bypass surgery Dubai works on several fronts to facilitate weight loss. Firstly, the newly created stomach pouch is much smaller as such can only intake smaller meals, eventually reducing the calories absorbed. Secondly, the bypassed segment of small intestine that would normally had absorbed calories and nutrients, no longer has any food going through it, again reducing the absorption calories and fats. Thirdly, the re-routing of the food stream enhances production of digestive hormones, which promote fullness, suppress hunger and in turn help treat Diabetes (Type II).


    • Reduces Food Intake, expediting Weight loss.
    • Promotes Hormones that suppress hunger and increases satiety.
    • Faster Weight Loss.
    • Helps in treatment of Diabetes.
    • Sustained weight loss over long time periods.

    Complex Operation, is more time consuming with possible surgery related complications
    In long run, causes nutritional deficiency due to bypassing portions of intestine.
    Regular intakes of dietary supplement is required as well as follow up with surgeons.

    Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

    Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

    Our surgeons have successfully helped many obese patients lose excess weight through effective weight loss surgery in Dubai. If you are looking for weight loss in Dubai, our experts will help you make the right choice and lead a healthy life. You need not think twice before visiting our Weight loss center in Dubai, for a personalized consultation session to help you fight the flab.