Screening and Testing

    Screening and Testing

    Breast Cancer Screening is a process in which symptoms are looked for before they are visible in an asymptomatic patient. Although Breast Cancer screening cannot prevent Breast Cancer, but it surely can help in diagnosing the breast cancer in early stages, when it is easier to treat. Our Breast Specialist in Dubai will help you decide when you should have the tests and which tests are most suitable for you, so that you get an accurate picture of your health.


    Breast cancer screening is the medical screening of suspected cancerous cells in breasts of an otherwise normal looking woman in order to achieve timely diagnosis of the cancer. Timely screening of breast cancer, greatly enhances the chances of treatment.

    Breast Cancer Screening Tests available with our Breast Cancer Clinic in Dubai


    A technique that is 50 years old, Mammogram is still the safest and a reasonably accurate technique. In this technique, an X-ray of the breast is taken. This helps in diagnosing the occurrence of breast cancer at an early stage, when it is relatively easy to treat. Regular Mammograms are necessary to lower the risk of dying from breast cancer.

    Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    This technique is only used for women with high risk of breast cancer as the MRI’s may appear abnormal even if there is no cancer. MRI’s are used in combination with Mammogram to diagnose women with a high risk of breast cancer.


    According to our Breast Specialist in Dubai, if a screening mammogram shows possibility of cancer, further diagnostic tests are to be undertaken, including:

    • Ultrasound exam- This test is used by doctors in which sound waves are employed to analyse if a lump is solid (could be cancer) or filled with fluid (a fluid-filled sac that is not cancer).
    • Breast biopsy- Although there are several types of biopsy, it is the sole test to find out if the cells are cancerous. In it fluid or tissue is taken from the breast and is later checked in the laboratory for presence of cancer cells, if any.
    • Diagnostic mammogram- As the name suggests, in this test, a more detailed x-ray image of the areas that look abnormal in screening mammogram is taken for detailed analysis.

    Our Breast Specialists in Dubai offer you the most comprehensive range of tests for accurate screening of Breast Cancer in Dubai.

    When you are looking for Breast Cancer Treatment in Dubai, our team of seasoned Breast Specialist in Dubai is well versed with all the intricacies of breast cancer and will offer you the treatment best suited for your case.