Mastectomy is a surgical procedure which is performed to remove a breast or a part of the breast for breast cancer treatment in Dubai in both men and women. This surgery is performed by our breast specialist doctor in Dubai only on high risk patients but on basis of the merits of a case it can be performed to prevent breast cancer also. There are various options in mastectomy available to patients at our breast clinic Dubai –
    • Total Mastectomy – all of the breast tissue and covering skin is removed.
    • Skin Sparing Mastectomy- breast tissue including the nipple is completely removed but covering skin is left
    • Subcutaneous Mastectomy- it is a skin sparing procedure where nipple is not removed.
    • Radical mastectomy- All of the breast tissue, nipple and skin covering the breast tissue is removed along with muscles behind the breast and lymph nodes in armpit.
    • Modified Radical Mastectomy – a radical mastectomy in which the large muscle behind the breast is left in place.




    Many women decide to undergo breast reconstruction surgery post mastectomy after consultation with a breast doctor.