Quality Of Life Before And After surgery in Ulcerative Colitis

    October 6, 2016

    Before we get into the quality of life before and after ulcerative colitis, let’s comprehend what it exactly is!

    Ulcerative Colitis:

    Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease which is known as IBD in short. IBD encompasses a cluster of maladies that distress the gastrointestinal tract visit vapejuicedepot salty man ejuice.

    When the lining of the rectum and the large intestine turn inflamed, ulcerative colitis is caused. On the lining of the colon, this inflammation generates tiny eruptions called ulcers. It generally instigates in the rectum and spreads upwards. It on the odd occasion upsets the small intestine beyond the lower portion.

    The inflammation sources the bowel to move its substances quickly and vacant repeatedly. The ulcers form, as the cells on the superficial part of the lining of the bowel die. The ulcers may root bleeding and release of pus and mucus. This ailment affects individuals of all ages. Indications have a tendency to develop when individuals are amid the ages of 15 and 30, or in the middle of the ages of 50 and 70.


    The basis of this illness is unidentified. Researchers no longer consider that stress is the reason. Currently, research emphases on the immune system and inheritance for probable causes.


    • Pain in the abdomen.
    • Rise in the abdominal sounds.
    • Passing stools with blood.
    • Diarrhoea
    • Pain in the rectum
    • Fever
    • Increased weight loss
    • Malnutrition

    Quality Of Life Before And After

    A study has found out that this can be caused by any individual of any age group. They were many healthy people who were diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and were ashamed to reveal it to the family and friends at first but that would only cause more stress. Therefore, talk to your family about it. Staying active, nicole heat diet measures and exercising can also help you through it .

    Once diagnosed with ulcerative colitis some of the following changes that can come in your life:

    • Personal relationships

    Talking to your family about the issues faced can be easing and also talking to your partner regarding the sexual intercourse will keep you stress-free.

    • Going out in public places

    Thinking into the future, such as finding out where the restrooms are in eateries, shopping areas or on a trip, cultivates to be second nature for several individuals with ulcerative colitis.

    • Attending special events

    Attending special events can also lead to increase in stress level and in turn lead to flare ups. Therefore, plan ahead and be prepared.

    • Travelling

    Several individuals with ulcerative colitis travel extensively and relish long holidays. There might be unpredictable flare-ups, but if you take a few precautions, you can love the traveling experience.

    • Fertility

    Women though diagnosed with ulcerative colitis can get pregnant with the same ease as other women. But for men it is different, the sperm count tends to decrease and also might have temporary infertility. 

    The treatment of ulcerative colitis has been changing after the major role of biologicals in controlling the disease.

    The most common reasons for asking for surgery

    1. Failure to control the disease
    2. Malignancy found on surveillance

    The patient need a good and experienced surgeon for removal of the complete colon and restoring the continuity with a small pouch made of the small intestine. Unlike previous times the entire procedure is performed laparoscopically.

    Making the pouch is a delicate technical job which has to be done with flair and finesse.

    Meet our patients who have undergone the total colectomy and pouch procedure with our experienced team of gastrointestinal surgeons.

    Know about the complications, stoma care and quality of life in the immediate postoperative period and the long follow-up. Discuss your doubts and relieve your concerns if you ever need this procedure or surgery to be performed on you. The team is here for you!

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