Surgery & Reconstruction

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    Surgery is usually the first line of treatment for Breast Cancer. Surgery is done with an aim to remove the breast cancer along with lining tissues, so as to reduce the chances of recurrence and spreading of the cancer. The amount of tissue to be removed depends on the size of the cancer and the area of the breast affected by the cancer. Surgery for breast cancer is performed for a number of reasons like: – 

    • Removal of as much cancerous cells and tissues
    • Address the symptoms of advanced stages of cancer.
    • Find out the areas to which the cancer has spread
    • Restoration of breast shape.

    There are various types of surgery options available to women: – 

    • Lumpectomy: – It is a breast-conserving technique. In this procedure, only the part of the breast affected by cancer is removed. It aims to remove the cancerous tissues and some normal tissues along with, to reduce the chances of recurrence of cancer.
    • Mastectomy: – In this procedure, the entire breast is removed i.e. the entire breast tissues and surrounding normal tissues to completely remove the cancer. 
    • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: – In order to check if the breast cancer has spread to lymph nodes, Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy is performed. In this procedure, one or more of the lymph nodes are removed and checked under the microscope. This helps in determining the stage of the cancer. 
    • Axillary Lymph Node Dissection: – Due to the extent of the breast cancer, there might be the need to remove the entire or most of the lymph nodes under the arm. For women suffering invasive breast cancer, this procedure accompanies mastectomy. 

    Adjuvant Treatments

    Adjuvant treatments play an important part in the post breast cancer surgery stage in a patient’s life. It includes all additional treatments that help relapse of breast cancer. Some of the major adjuvant treatments available at our Breast Clinic Dubai are: –


    Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is an adjuvant treatment in which high-energy rays like X-rays are used to destroy cancer cells. Radiotherapy is usually given along with other breast cancer treatments. Following are the major types of radiotherapy treatments available at our breast clinic in Dubai: – 

    • Internal Beam Therapy – a radioactive source is placed inside the body for a short duration, which emits radiations to destroy cancer cells.
    • External Beam Therapy radiations are emitted from an external machine and focused on the area suffering from cancer.

    Radiation therapy is a targeted treatment, focusing on remaining breast cancer cells that remain after surgery. 

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    Breast Reconstruction

    Women who have had undergone Mastectomy or Lumpectomy due to breast cancer can opt for Breast Reconstruction, i.e. creation of new breast shape using prosthetics and if required, nipple and areola can also be reconstructed. Our renowned surgeons provide the best breast surgery in Dubai

    Breast Reconstruction is a time-consuming process with several surgeries done over a period of time to attain the perfect shape. As per your choice, you can either go for immediate reconstruction or delayed reconstruction. We have the best breast surgeons in Dubai when it comes to reconstruction surgery.

    • Oncoplastic Reconstruction Surgery

    Also known as Breast Conserving Surgery, Oncoplastic Reconstruction uses the latest plastic surgery techniques in combination with breast surgical oncology. After a large lumpectomy, the remaining breast gets distorted. In this procedure, the remaining tissue is formed into breast shape and thereafter the nipple and areola are realigned giving a natural appearance to the breast. The other breast is also modified for symmetry. Oncoplastic surgery not only removes cancer but also prevents scarring of the breast.

    • Breast Reconstructive Surgery

    The cancer has spread to a large area then the mastectomy is the only option for women. Breast reconstructive surgery is the procedure, in which the complete breast is rebuilt. If required, the nipple can also be constructed. It takes around two-three sessions for complete reconstruction along with surgery on the other breast for symmetry purpose. Varying on case to case basis, breast reconstructive could be done immediately after the mastectomy or can also be delayed if required. Most popular breast reconstruction techniques are

    • Implant-Based Reconstruction 

     Usage of Breast Implants is one of the most popular methods of reconstruction of breast shape, post-surgery. Implants are made of a flexible silicone outer shell and can comprise of either:

    • Saline: They have been used for many years by breast surgeons. They are filled with disinfected saline water.
    • Silicone gel: They are called “form stable implants” as being quite thick, their shape stays stable even if it somehow gets damaged. Also, being firmer, they are less susceptible to rupture and resemble the natural breast tissues closely.
    • Tissue-Based Reconstruction

    This technique uses flaps of tissues from your own body and includes the skin from various body parts which is then remolded to form a new breast shape. Although, reconstruction using own tissue flap takes the longer time to operate on and as well as to recover but it more or less eliminates any possible need for surgery in future. Also, breast reconstructed with tissues provides a better match to the other breast.

    • Breast Cancer is a severe and complex ailment, which requires special attention. During the course of the treatment, a patient needs specialized consultation from various medical experts.
    • Our multi-disciplinary team works round the clock to ensure that only the highest level possible care is offered to the patient. We have our team of in-house experts including Breast Radiologist, Psychologist, Breast Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon and Medical Oncologist, to give the best treatment advice to the patient.  

    Our renowned Breast Specialist in Dubai are fully equipped to undertake all types of surgical techniques for treatment of Breast Cancer in Dubai.