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    December 18, 2017


    Geetha (name changed) was suffering from ulcerative colitis for nearly eight years. She responded well to medical treatment for the initial five years but had frequent relapses of the disease since.

    She had been on prolonged course of mesalamine, steroids, immune modulator drugs, Humira etc. Despite best efforts to control the disease with medications, she needed frequent hospital visits and her symptoms of loose stools with blood continued unabated.  A senior medical gastroentero ...

    36 year old female patient presented with pain I the right shoulder. Her last child was 5 year of age and she had no findings on the ultrasound done at the time of the pregnancy. She also had palpitations for which she went to the internist who referred her to a cardiologist. She had some changes in the ECG and then she underwent an echocardiography. The echo showed some external pressure on the heart. She did an ultrasound of the abdomen with showed a large cyst in the liver.

    - Cyst in the liver : Laparoscopic Surgical Treatment

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